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Do you have property in or around Charleston SC to sell, but you’re unsure where to begin? It’s not easy deciding who to hire for your listing. However, here are four main points to consider as you conduct your search.

  • First, does your agent know area specifics that affect the value of your property? Examples include septic permits, zoning ordinances (height restrictions, set- backs, and ability to rebuild or renovate), critical lines, and base flood elevations. You need an agent who has the knowledge necessary to price your property, but also explain and educate buyers (and other agents) about the value of your property.
  • Second, you need an agent who understands the market. What does that mean exactly? It involves more than researching recent sales in your neighborhood to make sure your home is priced accordingly. Yes, every home is unique, but it should never be listed too high or too low. Simply put, a badly priced home scares buyers away or leaves you with less money than you deserve.
  • Third, does your agent know how to help you put your ‘best foot forward’ with potential buyers? Selling a home is a lot like a first date. Successful agents know how to stage a home so your buyers see all the potential your house possesses…which means it sells quicker.
  • Fourth, what marketing options does your Realtor® have at their disposal? While a web site and an ad in the Post and Courier are fine, there are many more avenues to selling a home, but not all agents possess them. So it’s perfectly acceptable to inquire about a listing package that includes where an agent advertises.

I’m Ulf Hartwig, expert in Charleston / Folly Beach real estate, and these are only four of the top reasons I can help you over other agents. To find out all the potential I can bring to the sale of your home, contact me. Get started by emailing or calling me at 843.442.2459 today.

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