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October 2015 Thoughts and Happenings

Posted By Margaret Hartwig @ Jan 14th 2016 10:10am In: Folly Beach

Welcome to the October Folly Beach Living Newsletter. While real estate appears to have begun to slow down for the season at the beach, the real estate sales numbers continue to improve year over year. See the newsletter below for September's statistics.

Here is Avocet's 4th Quarter Real Estate Update:  (reported by Avocet's real estate team for the 4th quarter sales on Folly excluding intervals & boat slips)

2015      2014      2013      2012
 39          32          37           29

Many of you have heard about the devastating effects of Hurricane Joaquin on the State of South Carolina. You may be curious as to how Folly's beach was effected. South Carolina was spared the primary impact of Hurricane Joaquin but the flooding and surge did cause beach erosion, and some flooding. A great place to find out what's going on with the beach is the city's website at Search for 'beach preservation' for the latest beach monitoring, beach preservation, and more. You may also find a State of the Beach's Report dated from September that monitors the erosion from one year to the next. City Staff is currently working with the Army Corps to identify sand for the next renourishment and has renourishment plans in place.

The effects of Joaquin were especially troublesome given the King's Tides that have been occurring since late September. "The term "King Tide" is a non-scientific term used to describe the highest seasonal tides that occur each year. For example, in Charleston, the average high tide range is about 5.5 ft., whereas during a King Tide event the high tide range may reach 7 ft. or higher. These tides occur naturally and are typically caused when a spring tide (when the sun, moon, and earth align during a new and full moon, increasing tide ranges) takes place when the moon is closest to Earth during the 28-day elliptical orbit (know as perigee).
The effect of individual King Tides may vary considerably. In some cases, they may barely even be noticed. In other cases, a King Tide may cause coastal erosion, flooding of low-lying areas and disruption to normal daily routines. This is particularly true when a King Tide event coincides with significant precipitation because water drainage and runoff is impeded. Over time, the frequency and effect of King Tide events may increase due to gradual mean sea level rise." [info taken from].

Here are Charleston's remaining King Tides with predicted height:
Oct. 26th at 7:16 am 7 ft.
Oct 27th at 8:10 am 7.2 ft.
Oct. 28th at 9:03 am 7.2 ft.
Oct. 29th at 9:55 am 7.1 ft.
Oct. 30th at 10:47Am 6.9 ft.

The island continues to see park improvements. Pirates Cove Playground was aided by Stantec in repairs and updates. Stantec is a North Charleston Company who turned out with 20+ volunteers to give back to our community. Memorial Stones may be purchased via Charlotte Goodwin (588-9955) for the David Israel Garden behind the Community Center. Pricing starts at $35. Also, the Folly Green Team is finished building and filling beds in the Community Garden behind the Exchange Club. Permanent residents can still reserve a bed by contacting Teresa Marshall at

Lastly, look at Folly's upcoming events on the attached newsletter. There are lots of terrific community activities & events coming up. The City's beloved 2016 calendar will be on sale starting at the Halloween Carnival ($10).

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance or if you have any questions or comments.

My Best,

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