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November Thoughts and Happenings

Posted By Margaret Hartwig @ Jan 14th 2016 10:16am In: Folly Beach

Welcome to the November addition of the Folly Beach Living Newsletter!

The end of the year is fast approaching and 2015 sales continue to be good. See the newsletter included below for statistics on both Folly Beach and the Charleston area sales.

Despite the recent flooding, Folly has seen many improvements over the course of the year from new bridges, city planning, to new gardens and parks. Upcoming events include Thanksgiving and the annual tree lighting ceremony at the Folly River Park. Find these community events and more in the FBL newsletter.

Update: The Aftermath of the 100 year Flood & Kings Tides
It has certainly been a wet fall! After our last newsletter, Folly Beach encountered more flooding and Kings Tides. Headlines for the November Sandspur were: "Folly Floods from the Sky and River". The article reports that Folly received 21.5" of rain followed by a series kings tides. Cited in the article, The City reports that it (along with it's residents) handled the situation well. Deputy Chief Steve Mims says the Department brought out its emergency action plan, and put it to the test. Sandbags were brought in the day before the flood. Stakes were put out on the Causeway to mark the edge of the road in case of flooding. A military surplus Humvee was used to get through the most flooded streets. First one street, and then another, and then another was blocked off because of high water. Chief Mims says Folly was lucky that there were no rescue situations. The emergency plan worked well, except for the communications plan – Public Safety took too long to communicate with its citizens about road closings and other situations. A learning experience for everyone. Two new organizations were formed by Folly citizens to aid in emergency relief providing examples of how Folly's citizens work together.

Unfortunately, the worst damage was on the beach. Per the Sandspur article, "masses of sand, fences, and plantings were swept away, leaving a rocky beach. Fortunately, the city’s consultant Dr. Nicole Elko had surveyed and documented what was there before the flood". City Administrator Spencer Wetmore reports on where we are now: “The City is working hard to try to repair the damage. We conducted a post-storm survey, which indicated that we lost nearly 400,000 cubic yards of sand from the federal renourishment project. We have already submitted our request for Rehabilitation Assistance to the Army Corps for losses sustained within the federal renourishment project. We are in the process of submitting another claim to FEMA for public assistance with our local costs (sand fencing, grass, rock picking, sand behind the PEL) and anything in the federal project not covered by the Army Corps Rehabilitation."
Mayor Goodwin met with all of our state officials and vows to continue to follow up with representatives on the federal level. Rebuilding depends on federal funding and federal agencies and will not be immediate. The City had already begun the process of locating and permitting a new sand source. The City also may be eligible for post-storm recovery at 100% federal cost.

Upcoming Kings Tides
November 25- 28th

Folly has applied for Street Lights on the Folly River Bridge

Folly Beach is applying for permission to put street lights on the Lee Westbury Bridge to make passage safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. The Post and Courier of Charleston reports that after sunset, the new bridge is dark except for lights from passing cars and a distant glow from Center Street. Mayor Tim Goodwin says The City is applying to the state Transportation Department for permission to install lights on the bridge, also known as the Folly River Bridge.
FYI: More than 9,000 cars cross the bridge daily at the peak of tourist season. The bridge connects Folly Beach to the mainland.

Let me know what you think! I look forward to hearing from you and helping you with all your real estate needs!

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